Welcome to Wagsexotics

Our furry friends are happiest when they know that they are loved and cared for. One of the ways a fur baby communicates happiness is by wagging his/her tail; usually the happier they are, the more their tail wags. Wags-N-Swag is more than the usual dog grooming company, but it is your one stop shop for lavishing your pet from head to toe.

Wags-N-Swag was founded in 2020 by Ebony Moore and Al Jackson whom are avid animal lovers with a passion to make every animal feel and look their best. Together, we have created a business that offers your pet quality shampooing and grooming services as well as the most stylish attire and accessories. Our single daily motto and mission is to “Treat your fur baby like Royalty!”

Wags-N-Swag currently have one location in Gulfport, MS where deluxe grooming services are provided. However, our retail customers reach through out the United States and beyond. You can find our extensive display of merchandise and services offered on our website at wagsexotics.com. 

We look forward to serving you and your furry friend!