Dog Grooming Services

At Wags N Swag we utilize the latest in grooming technology, to ensure your best friend's visit with us is a safe and happy experience. We pride ourselves on our customers' complete satisfaction and will accommodate the special needs of each client on an individual basis. We provide the highest quality care, products, and personal service you and your pet deserve. Contact us today regarding our dog grooming services! 

Dog Grooming 

Hand Scissoring: Any coat can be hand scissored to any desired length as long as your pet's coat is mat free. Hand Scissoring means just that...your pet's coat is scissored totally by hand. No clippers are used. Hand scissoring is done for fancy or longer cuts. 

Clipping: Your pet's coat can be clipped to various lengths with a clipper. The length of a clipper cut also depends on your pets coat condition. The tighter the mats in your pet's coat, the shorter the cut must be. The blade must be able to safely travel under the mat and above the skin. Sometimes a very short blade must be used for the safety of the pet.

Matted Coat: Matted hair is very painful for your pet. The knots pull and stretch the skin, causing discomfort, irritated skin, and sores in some cases. If your pet's coat has become matted there may be no choice in the length of the coat left on your pet. The safest and most humane grooming for a very matted pet is to shave the matted coat off and start all over again. 

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